My SIL got a kickass Haunted Mansion purse from the Disney Store, so I went online to see what other purses they had. I found this Art of Jasmine Handbag. It’s gorgeous, but Jas doesn’t look quite like herself. In fact, she’s looking a little...pale.

Shame on you, Disney—Jasmine is supposed to be brown! You’d think that with all the flak they’ve gotten about their multitude of white princesses, they’d treat their PoC’s (princesses of color) with more respect. I love the art nouveau stylings of this purse, but quite honestly, I’d be embarrassed to carry it around.


Would the little girls in my life even notice it? Of course they would. Most of them have seen the Disney movies over and over again and they draw the princesses all the time. What kind of message would I send with a purse like that? That it’s okay for Jasmine to be brown in a kids’ cartoon, but on something beautiful for adults we need to whiten her up?

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